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A simple colour-coded guide to Jerkopedia:

Jerkopedia is a repository for all things relating to the band. Side projects, thoughts, family photos, legal notes, medical records, intimate thoughts. Herein you will be able to assuage any nibbling curiosities you may have or simply peer into the lives of the Ladyfingers, like tourists on a sight-seeing tour bus.  (It's basically a blog I guess)

For ease of use, each Ladyfinger has been assigned a colour, so that you can easily find their posts.

As a boy, Mama Jerk would have to climb the mighty Matterhorn every spring in search of the elusive Edelweiss. Should he fail to recover one, the elders of his village would beat him senseless with boar tusks. For this reason, his posts will be titled in 'White".

Pasha Edward Andreyavich Finn Ball is believed to be very distantly related to the house of Romanov. For this reason, his titles will be in "Gold" in honour of the Heraldic coat of imperial arms of that very same house. It depicts a two headed eagle on a gold background.

Self conscious, free range rapper Binbags has a gift for rhyming which he's said to have recieved in August 1999 after staring for too long at the solar eclipse without protective eyewear. His fave colour is "Purple".

Jackie 'big spuds' enjoys nothing more than free-style rapping. He claims to know three words that rhyme with the word "Orange"​, but refuses to tell anyone what they are. That'll be his colour then.

Fuzzy is never happier than when he's skipping through a park or having a good old cuppa and a catch-up with his favourite tree. 
He insisted that his posts be titled using "Green"​.

It has been well documented that Mossy owes his family fortune to his mother who played Kimberley Ann Heart in the hit TV programme "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. His colour will therefore be "Pink".

From time to time, the band will wish to communicate something together, in the script equivalent of seven part harmony. When such events occur, the title shall appear in "Red", the colour of togetherness according to ancient Etruscan tradition.

Little is known about Willy. Ocasional nocturnal sightings and fragments of poetry seem to suggest that he hunts using sonar, but everything else about him seems shrouded in thick mystery. His titles will be "Black".

Witness protection, shyness, legal injunction, refusal to be held acountable for one's words, cultivating an air of mystery. There are many reasons why someone might wish to remain anonymous. Theri titles shall appear "Blue".

"A friend shared is a friend halved" (King Solomon the Wise)
Maybe some of our buddies want to chat to you, or we want to show you what they're doing. If this should happen, we'll title the corresponding posts in "Silver".
And now.......some stuff!
'Walk and Whistle
with Binbags and Chappy
Here they are again, this time covering Tom Waits' "Christmas Card from a hoker in Minneapolis".

Filmed in the fridge at Helios Studios by the crew at ' Blue Wren ' productions in front of a live studio audience.
Band for a Day:
'The Scary Haircuts'
The two Jakes from Mama Jerk playing with a bunch of Fat Hat Collective's finest jammers. 'Speak Freely' was written, arranged and recorded in 48h at Helios Studios.

Another credit to the marvellous 'Capture the Guru' for providing the fourth wall.
Go Buy! 
World Class Horse Sports
Here's a Promo about our new EP. We went to a high end PR company to help us launch the EP and they recommended us not using our own music in the actual video.
'Walk and Whistle' 
Mind Games by Pasha Ball
' Blue Wren ' take on the sexiest Ladyfinger in anothe 'Walk and Whistle' session.

An original ballad recorded at Pasha's summer house in Tunisia or something.
'Stretchy Love'
​by Chokobo
Willy-G and Fuzzy-J make up half of stutter rock quartet Chokobo. Check them out on Soundcloud .

Stretchy Love was recorded at Pitchfork Rebellion Studios.
a film by Mama
Before making noise, Mama Jerk made films.

This one was entered into Newquay film festival's short film competition, but failed to win the coveted 'Golgen Chough' award.

Starring 'Buttons'.
Binbag Wisdom 
Hast du in das witzkiste geschlafen
Binbags and 'Big Spuds' having a nice time rapping in nature.

Real talent, caught and cut by Capture the Guru once again!
A tribute to Mossy's mom
Morphin' time!!!!!!​