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Who are we?

Mama Jerk dig in with bittersweet lyrical hooks, big bold beats, taunting horn lines and swirling landscapes of twisting guitars. Hints of Gogol Bordello and Tom Waits, dashes of Jacques Brel and Henry Purcell and a sniff of Fat Freddy's Drop and Cat Empire.

​The bittersweet lyrical hooks of Mama Jerk backed by the vocals of MC Binbags lead the brigade of LadyFingers. Psychedelic guitar riffs ripple over a soundscape of ska, hip hop and blues, punctuated with cheeky horns, poking out like whole berries in trifle. 

But enough of this jargon, listen to Mama Jerk & the LadyFingers first E.P "World Class Horse Sports".

Mama Jerk and The Ladyfingers are the thinking man's party band. Expect a big stomping sound, a set full of treats and twists, and lyrical hooks which get stuck in the brain like a crayon in a toddler's nose.
Formed in 2013, The Ladyfingers have been sharpening their teeth on the festival circuit, playing increasingly larger stages in lovely fields. From Small World, to Secret Garden Party and Boomtown, they're looking forward to another season of pastoral delights! This west-country 7 piece take Bristol's eclectic party sound and engorge it with their picaresque whimsy and a broad peppering of influences. The huge stomping sound of Mama Jerk & the LadyFingers grabs its audiences attention from the outset and keeps them guessing until the very end.

“Big and entertaining, Mama Jerk and the Ladyfingers cover all the universal themes arising from the human experience from Bikes to Fitted Kitchens. Like a riot for gentle people” (Andy Urfont - Unctious Tones Records)



A Special Evening with Mama Jerk and The Ladyfingers:
Sergei¯ - Jam Jar session at the Old Malt House
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