Eternal Pride and Glory to the Sovereign Principality of Stetrovenia

our second ep came out in March 2020, and it's flipping amazing, yeah?

We collaborated with some mad geniuses to bring the songs to life, and here's what happened!

Jordan Fleming: mARTstermind!

So the idea for stetrovenia was born in the lyrics of the song morocco. the song was written around the concept of a ruling elite who would remain above consequence for their actions by the very nature of their birth.

the song wasn't about anyone in particular so we made up our own history to give us someone to attribute the song to.

a story was dreamt up by Mama jerk and the multi-talented sinead miller in a bar in bruges, and it became clear that the story needed to be made into a comic book!

This is when illustrator, bon vivant, and moustache enthusiast jordan fleming was press ganged into the ladyfinger team to flesh-out the myth of Stetrovenia.

Jordan fleming you Handsome devil

Jordan fleming you Handsome devil

What is Stetrovenia?

Stetrovenia is a fictional country set somewhere along the banks of the danube.

gaining independence at the end of the first world war due to smart allegiances and the shifting of european monarchies, stetrovenia was ruled by the much loved king casba.

his charismatic sons istvan and zoltan will one day inherit their father's legacy, but how short lived will their sovereignty be when small princes take on the airs of great kings.

jordan drew heavily from the style of german expressionistic woodcuts to create his vision of stetrovenia. the advantages of this style are:

1 - it's contemporary with the story we were trying to tell.

2 - it's dope as fuck!

‘Businessman’– Franz Masereel - 1920

‘Businessman’– Franz Masereel - 1920

'istvan exults'- jordan fleming - 2019

'istvan exults'- jordan fleming - 2019

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