Stetrovenia: Making the Songs into other Art Forms  

In the golden age of gigging, bands used to fill their Merch tables with gorgeous CDs, Tapes and Vinyls, with incredible artwork which music fans would proudly take home, and collect.

With CDs all but obsolete these days, they decided to try and release their music in a digital format, but wanted to expand on the concept of band art, to give the audience something fun, and substantial to take away with them.

This is where the idea of illustrated short stories to accompany their releases came from. Stetrovenia is the first of 3 collaborations planned for 2020-2021, engaging visual artists to help bring to life one of the songs from the EP. Mama Jerk's songwriting is rich in vivid and colourful imagery and storytelling, so these collaborations are the perfect way to enhance the band's music.

Originally conceived in a pub in Bruges by frontman J.S.R.T Chapman and multitalented artist and writer Sinéad Miller as a backstory to the band's song 'Morocco'.  

Stetrovenia is a fictional Principality, nestled between Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, strategically positioned along the banks of the Danube river. The mighty King Csaba who obtained independence for the small ambitious state, leaves his two sons - Istvan and Zoltan - to rule upon his death.The comic book gives us the story of how the two Princes squander their inheritance and sell the country out to the worst kinds of war mongers and profiteers in a vain attempt to self aggrandise.  

The story was then handed over to Jordan Fleming who sculpted the story narratively, and beautifully Illustrated the comic book. The third act is the story told through the lyrics of the song 'Morocco'.

Meet Jordan and take a glimpse at his inspiration behind the style of Stetrovenia.



In order to promote this we teamed up with Bristol artist Tom Miller to create a sense of mystery around 'Stetrovenia'. Given a rambled overview or the plot and the brief that it needed to include a badger, dragon and a bird he got to work painting the streets of the South West.






And of course this all comes back to lovely Ru

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